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“It's important to pursuit your dreams, regardless of what others may think. That applies to fashion, as it does to life.”

We create DON'T CARE wear..

Fashion, that is not afraid to express it's opinion, follows it's dreams, stands for itself.

Someone's not liking it? WHO CARES? That's our answer. Your answer - to all negative opinions that someone's trying to put into your mind.

Pohled zezadu na pánskou mikinu s logem české značky.

A good part of us is hand-painted clothes. Which makes it easy to discover in it our emotions and energy, that we're trying to get over to you.


Thanks to that, every single piece is original. They differ. Same as you differ from others. And you want to differ.

Ručně malované mikinové šaty české značky.


We like originality.

We only create up to 20 pieces of every model, to sustain originality and always bringing you some new merchandise.

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